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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.

  • An Efficient Way to Donate During Retirement
    My connection to EWTN starts back in the early 1980s, when I first became aware of Mother Angelica through audio cassettes of her Wednesday live show on...
  • Leaving a Legacy of Faith
    This past winter, I had the honor to speak with Fr. George Foley, priest of the Diocese of Fort Worth and longtime proponent of EWTN's media apostolate. Over the years, Fr. Foley has been inspired by...
  • Life Income Gifts
    After the initial shock of owing taxes on the traditional IRA to Roth IRA conversation had somewhat worn off, John and Mary began to think about ways in which they could offset the tax...
  • The Importance of Obtaining Multiple Planning Perspectives
    I am blessed in my role as the Legacy Giving Advisor at EWTN to discuss a wide range of planning topics with our EWTN Family Members. My discussions...
  • Why & How we give to EWTN
    Robert first stumbled across EWTN on the radio while driving home from work one evening. When he arrived home, he and his wife Madeline turned their television to EWTN and experienced...
  • John's Plan
    Through thoughtful estate planning, John B. Lord established a Revocable Living Trust to provide for the material needs of his wife until her passing in 2018. The Trust also made provisions for his...

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